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Ioseba Mirena began studying photography in 1991. One year later, he started working as an assistant in the studio of photographer Sisouvan Saravong in Donostia (Spain). He continued to work and study in the Basque Country until 1996, when he decided to move to Boston (USA) to increase his experience. In Boston he became a student in the NESOP photography school and MFA university and he worked mainly for fashion photographer Michael Kim like his assistant. He also holds several workshops degrees, Reducation at Red Studios Hollywood, Feature film lighting with Mo Flan, Master class of director of photography at the Maine Media Film School. Graduated in Art History.

Trying to find new challenges, he decided to move to Rio de Janeiro . In 2016 he was invited to be an active member of ABC (Brazilian Cinematography Association).

Broad knowledge of TV, international publicity, entertainment, pop culture & lifestyle trends, Ioseba Mirena is currently in production of the film called "The Caricaturist" with Globo Filmes/Globo News co-production and he just directed and done the cinemtography of the tv serie called "Insight".


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Fluent in english, spanish, portuguese and basque, basic in french and italian.

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